Stimulated by various things, such as city, landscape, travel, flower, poem, I expressed images and messages in Nihonga (Japanese traditional painting), relief, and sculpture.

I drew graffiti on the walls of buildings in the city, and then I became interested in the expression of matiere, which led to the texture of paper reliefs.

On hemp paper for Nihonga or on the paper panel molded by myself, I painted images by Iwaenogu, acrylic paints, gold and silver leaves, gold powder, race, pieces of iron or brass, in order to develop world of my own images.

In many of my paper reliefs, main theme was "the earth", which expressed warmth and power of the Mother Earth.

In my works composed of many pieces, the variation in color and shape indicates different character of players, whilst the gradation of color shows harmony among them. Underlying these works are my wish that the world would become a better place if people can be more tolerant, respect difference among them, and resonate with each other, achieving harmony as a whole.

In my sculpture, I visually represented what a person or an anthropomorphic animal is thinking.

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